My Comedy Albums on a Label

I’m proud to announce that my three comedy albums have found a new home at BseenMedia.
This is the same company that distributes the comedy albums of Jim Norton and Patrice O’Neal. After years of handling my own distribution, BseenMedia will be able to take my albums to a new level of exposure. I’ll have release dates soon and couldn’t be more excited.

23rd Los Angeles Comedy Festival

I’ll be performing at this year’s Los Angeles Comedy Festival May 17-20.
All screenings and shows will take place at the Let Live Theatre in Hollywood.
I’m performing Saturday, May 19th at 6:30pm. I’m totally stoked!

Click here for more info and purchase tickets.

My 1 hour TV drama pilot is an Official Finalist at the Cannes Screenplay Contest and Won at the Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition

I wrote a one hour TV drama titled When I Grow Up.
What is it about? Here’s the logline:

“When a troubled teenager is able to see the future in his dreams, it only muddies the waters for the present as he’s forced to change his life along the way”.

The script received an Official Finalist award from Cannes and two from the Hollywood Hills contest for Top Finalist overall and Best TV First Scene Hook. That means the first scene hooked the reader and had them wanting to read more based on what they read. Totally stoked.

You can read the winning first scene here:
When I Grow Up: Cold Open

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