• Comics Unleashed (2x)
  • Comedy Central’s Premium Blend
  • Latino Laugh Festival the Show
  • Latino 101 (SiTV)
  • Comedy Factory (Holland)
  • Comedy 360

Comedy Festivals

  • Los Angeles Comedy Festival
  • Burbank Comedy Festival (Best of the Fest)
  • SLO Comedy Festival
  • New York Underground Comedy Festival
  • Latino Laugh Festival (2x)
  • Scruffy City Comedy Festival – (Knoxville, TN)
  • Boston Comedy Festival
  • San Diego Comedy Festival
  • Ventura Comedy Festival
  • Latino Laugh Festival (2x)
  • First Latino to be a finalist in the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Competition (a list that includes Ellen Degeneres and Robin Williams)
  • MWR Overseas Comedy Tour for the Military (2x)


  • Official Finalist Cannes Screenplay Competition
  • Winner at Hollywood Hills Screenplay Competition
  • HuffingtonPost (contributing writer)
  • American English w/ Jimmy T (Comedy Central)
  • Daily Comedy (staff writer)
  • (HuffPost comedy/contributing writer)

Chris has written and directed shorts for Comedy Central as well as independently (a mockumentary about a rapper and a suspense film about a hit woman). He was a contributing writer for The HuffingtonPost’s comedy site and he’s also performed internationally for the US soldiers in South Korea, Japan and the Netherlands.

Chris released his first comedy album Parental Guidance in 2014 where it garnered a solid 5 star rating on iTunes. The album has been described as “A solid and hilarious conversational style…”. He has since released two more albums El Padrino (2017) & Angry and Racist (2018).

The San Antonio Current called Chris “funny – like wicked funny” and described his jokes as “sharp and well crafted.” The Current went on, “It’s almost a crime that a guy who can beat you down physically also has the rapier wit to destroy audiences verbally.”

Training in the martial arts since the age of ten, Chris holds a second degree black belt in taekwondo, has trained jiujitsu extensively with Ryron and Rener Gracie, and trained muay thai kickboxing with Pete “Sugarfoot” Cunningham.

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