“When are you coming to bed, Chris?” she asked wearing only a robe.
“I’ll be there in a second, I just have to finish this.”
… 10 minutes later …
I walked into the bedroom and she was on top of the covers wearing just a bra and panties that way I could see what I’d been missing.  I could also see she’d been waiting for a while by the way she was curled on her side, holding a pillow.

“You blew it.” she says.
“How did I blow it if I didn’t know?”
“You knew.”
“I didn’t know.”
“What didn’t you know, Chris?”
“I didn’t know you were going to look like this.”
“I always look like this!”
She had a way of wedging logic into our discussions.
“I meant with just your bra and panties on.”
“You mean, just my panties.” she says while tossing her bra to the floor.
Oh. My.  Was that an invitation?  

I never got used to that.  Her seduction skills were straight out of the Kama Sutra.  Really, she studied that book.  I was intimidated at times.  I never saw her naked unless she wanted me to.  She kept the mysteries of a woman in tact and at the same time, showed me all of her.  It was her trick, make me think I was in, then teach me a lesson when I start to take her for granted.
“Can I join you?” I ask.
“Of course, Chris.”
I stripped down to my boxers.  She looked on unimpressed.
I laid next to her and she covered her chest with her arms.  She whispered in my ear words that I won’t ever share mixed with the perfect tone, then turned her back to me. I was shunned.

I got up, walked to the dresser and lit 2 candles.  Always two.  One for her, one for me.  I grabbed the rubbing oil from the bathroom cabinet.  I returned to the bedroom to find her face down on the bed, waiting.  She knew I was trying to guess what she wanted.  I guessed right.  Full body massage.

I poured over every inch of her with my hands. But the lotion made her body stick to the sateen comforter.  I thought, “Come on!  Don’t blow this for me comforter!”
I removed the comforter and I poured my hands over her body again, the exact same way.  She responded with sounds of pleasure.  My hands became tired.  I kissed her then turned her to face me.
“Wait, Chris.  I’m not ready.”
“You’re not ready?  Why aren’t you ready?”
“You have to put me in the mood first.”
“Oh, that’s right.” she said laughing, “I forgot about that.”
She laughed while she grabbed me by the face and kissed me.  There it was, my invitation.

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