I work out 5x a week and I still couldn’t get rid of stubborn fat. What did I do about it? I didn’t change my workout routine. I only changed my diet. I didn’t go on a crazy diet plan and I didn’t have to buy a “weight loss” system. I only changed what I would buy at the store.
Here are some of the changes:
I cut out most processed foods.
Incorporated vegetables to every meal.
Drank more water.
Ate more boiled eggs and salmon.
Switched to all organic.
The only sugar I had was in fruit.
And psyllium fiber to help it all through my system.
I still had a vodka or two when I’d go out so I would still feel normal.

After 3 weeks, here are the results…

I imagine that my body will still transform as the year progresses. I’ll post results in a few months.
I hope this helps anyone needing incentive to change their eating habits.
The Negative Effects of Sugar
Also watch these great movies to learn about the food we eat:
Fed Up: The Movie
Fat Sick & Nearly Dead


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