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Ā chuckles
Miss Catziese
by Catziese – July 31, 2014
Chris Mata is absolutely hi-larious! He has comedy centered around topics anyone can relate to (whether you have kids or not). I have had the pleasure of seeing him live, and it was nothing but non-stop laughs! He makes an amazing connection with his audience, and his routines don’t feel, “rehearsed”; instead, they feel more like a funny story being told by a friend. He is an amazingly quick witted and fantastic comedian! Why haven’t you bought this yet?!? If you want to have a great laugh, something to cheer you up while driving, I highly recommend this CD, and seeing Chris Mata live!
Must Buy

by LOL@Chris Mata – Jul 31, 2014
Chris is funny. His comedy is refreshing because he is not trying but instead he is just telling a story. He is someone you can relate to. I have seen Chris and would love to see him again. He is fresh and a comic genius.
by christianorsarah – Jul 28, 2014

Chris has awesome stage presence and it is evident through listening to this CD. His quick wit and humorous view at life makes for a must download! Great job.

Clever, funny stuff!
by DogKiller – Jul 24, 2014
This guy’s a real pro. Saw him live as well and thoroughly enjoyed his show. Quality entertainment!
by Satxchris – July 16, 2014
I didn’t know Erik Estrada was doing Comedy! LOL Chris Mata definitely delivers in his CD. This is a solid comedic performance in which I wish that I was never one of his kids. His views on family life are true and genius! Hands down a great CD that any comedy lover should own. As my title reads, NON STOP HILARITY! I am excited to see what Chris’ future holds. Great job Chris!
Abby cd
This guy is a HEADLINER
by CherryPopper69 – Jun 19, 2014

I saw this guy in the Bay area and he’s amazing. He worked clean, had smart points that made me think, and straight up should have his own TV show. I’m glad I got to see him before he blows up, but it’s coming and I’ll be happy for him.
jolee cd
Funny and Witty!
by CLopez0623 – Jun 16, 2014
I absolutely LOVE Chris’s side-splitting humor! “Parental Guidance” keeps me laughing for days!

Ā  valaree
Back to back
by Chagaris – Jun 8, 2014
This is freaking hilarious!!!! I’ve listened to this back to back and it still kills me every time. Flat out genius.
Chris Mata Parental Control

by Blondemom20 – Jun 3, 2014
You are a 10 star but they only had 5 so of course that’s what I had to put! You are the best and I don’t even watch any other comedian now because you’re real and make me lol. I look forward to the future and seeing what you have in store for your real fans! Keep up the Amazingness! Thank you for sharing your humor with us!
Chris Mata Kicks A**!!!

by MissLo41 – May 27, 2014
I’d like to say there hasn’t been a comedian I get so excited to see every time he comes to town. First time I saw him live I immediately was hooked! Laugh after laugh (that crying kinda laugh!) Such a hilarious guy who also stays grounded and appreciates his true loyal fans! I will buy anything and everything this man sells šŸ™‚ get ya some “Parental Guidance” unless ur INSANE!!! -Lori
by MissBeezWax – May 26, 2014
I listen to a lot of comedy albums and this one is more than funny jokes, it’s a how to life hack on raising kids. This is a must buy for anyone w/kids, thinking of having kids, or was ever a kid. I’m still laughing about his bit about kids & choices. It’s refreshing to hear jokes with a message. Highly recommend.

by Gilleebeen – May 25, 2014
I love finding new comics but hearing new material from old favorites is ten times better. Get ready to fall in love with his story telling ability, for the very first time or all over again. It’s relatable and adds a hilarious and often positive spin to daily nuisances.
Just Absolutely Funny!

by HeavyMetalHayes – May 25, 2014
When it comes to dealing with the silly and embarrassing moments that occur in family life and everyday encounters, Chris Mata is no different from the rest of us. but his hilarious observations and reactions to these moments could quite possibly give you six-pack abs just from laughing. His style of observational humor pokes fun at the absurdities in everyday life and his interaction with the audience easily gets everyone in on the fun. I’ve seen him live and ‘Parental Guidance’ is the perfect representation of his performance. A fantastic comedian and I highly recommend you buy his album!
A must buy CD !!!

by O Bentley N – May 24, 2014
Warning, only listen to this on an empty bladder (to avoid peeing on yourself) and DO NOT listen to while eating or drinking!!! My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard šŸ™‚

Top Notch Comic #laughs

by Ricardo Noriega – May 24, 2014
Great laughs! Great comedy insight into everyday life. Non stop laughs and can never get enough. Chris is a very talented comedian and job well done on the new album.

Side stitch hilarious!!!!!

by McClintock’s Wife – May 22, 2014
Meeting Chris Mata for the very first time was interesting and comical to say the very least. We love his stories. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. We love Chris and his comedy and can’t wait to see him live again soon! I HIGHLY recommend seeing him! Thanks again Chris for keeping us entertained.

Amazing comic!

by volcomgal 1115 – May 21, 2014
I love Chris Mata! I saw him first with Mitch Fatel in San Antonio at LOL comedy club, now anytime he comes to town I have to go! So happy to get this, must have!
Hilariously awesome! ^-^

by Bambinodue75 – May 21, 2014
Chris is awesome and he does amazing live, if you’re wanting to have good a laugh, buy this album! šŸ˜€
christine cd2
Love him!

by Schm33d – May 21, 2014
Comedy is great for all audiences and to top it off he’s an awesome & nice person!
Thirty-Six Solid Minutes of HAHA

by Saserella – Apr 25, 2014
Just listened to Chris Mata’s new album this morning and in doing so, I’ve discovered a great way to get ready for work. My husband and I laughed all through breakfast. Parental Guidance, what a great find!


by tools35 – Apr 24, 2014
I’ve seen Chris perform in Vegas and love his comedy. When I heard he had an album I bought it right away and I wasn’t disappointed! Very funny and, as a parent, I can relate to the subject matter. Highly recommend this album.
I loved this!

by Gracieisa – Apr 22, 2014
LOVED IT. Just downloaded Parental Guidance yesterday and i have played it 5 times already…..SOOOO funny, SOOOO enlightening…… Thank you!


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