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Chris Mata’s Parental Guidance is a solid and hilarious conversational style that is packed with rational insight on parenting, spoiled children and the consistencies necessary for an affectionate relationship.

After 16 years, Chris Mata (Comedy Central) delivers his first comedy album Parental Guidance aptly named due to the subject matter of raising children. Also a martial arts teacher for 20 years, he knows what makes children great and turned it into a hilarious lesson for parents on how to fix their terrible kids. HINT: The kids aren’t the problem.

“His jokes are sharp and well crafted. He riffs on relationships by presenting his own honest mistakes, and stays true to his own point of view. At no point is he scared of the crowd, and shouldn’t be, because he’s developed a great show. It’s this discipline that got Mata on Comedy Central and his dedication to craft that has made him a favorite of audiences around the world (performing for the US Military).

Chris Mata reminds you of the blonde bully from all those ’80s films. Seeing him, you can imagine him dressed in black karate gear sweeping legs while screaming “Cobra Kai!” Only unlike the blonde bully, Mata is funny — like wicked funny. It’s almost a crime that a guy who can beat you down physically also has the rapier wit to destroy audiences verbally.” – San Antonio Current

This album was was recorded at Bart Reed’s Comic Strip, an amazing 300+ seat comedy club in El Paso, TX. With this album Chris wanted to capture the excitement of a near sold-out crowd at a big venue. Bart Reed’s Comic Strip was the perfect place to record and he’s proud of the results.

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Parental Guidance has a 5 star rating on iTunes and here’s what the reviews are saying:
“Hilarious!…Highly recommend this album”
“SOOO funny”
“Amazing comic!”
“Thirty-six solid minutes of HAHA”
“Hilariously awesome!”
“Love him!…great for all audiences”
“I’ve never laughed so hard in my life”
“Non stop laughs”

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